Based in Johannesburg, Aero Drone Films is an aerial videography company born of a love for flying and the creative arts.  Whether you are looking to showcase your holiday guesthouse or property for sale, we offer our clients the opportunity to get a whole new perspective.  We work with you to achieve amazing, cost effective aerial footage by making use of remote controlled multi-rotor drones fitted with 3 axis, image stabilising, brushless gimbals and Go-Pro cameras.  We film in UHD 4k & 2.7k/25fps as well as in full HD 1080p/up to 120fps.  See our Equipment page for more details. Editing and post production using Final Cut X or Adobe Suite software is available on request.  The use of the drones allows for a more intimate and less intrusive aerial view that cannot be achieved by the conventional method of using a helicopter and also makes it a more affordable option.  Keeping in mind that lives are precious and equipment is expensive, safety is always top priority, so while every effort is made to capture that perfect picture, we do have some rules that need to be adhered to.

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