Amazing shots can be achieved, from Low to High altitude similar to a Jib & Sky Crane, to getting the more intimate shots that cannot be achieved with a full sized helicopter.

  • Action chase scenes and tracking shots are achievable.
  • Video is streamed to ground station FPV (first person view) so client/director is able to see what the camera and camera operator are seeing in real time allowing for adjustments to the shot to be made “on the fly”.
  • Post Production editing is available on request and will be quoted for separately.
  • Footage can be supplied in RAW Cineform, Quicktime or MXF as well as compressed MP4 / H.264.
  • Rendering and fish-eye removal comes standard as part of the package, however, un-rendered footage can be supplied on site, if you prefer to do it all yourself, and provide a large enough external drive for download at the time of filming – Please note that needs to be pre-arranged.
  • See our Show Reel for an insight of what can be achieved.


We offer Aerial Videography for:

  • Advertising
  • Film
  • Television
  • Corporate clientele
  • Events
  • Commercial Properties
  • Property Showcasing
  • Game Farms
  • Holiday Homes or Guest Houses
  • Aerial TV Commercial Production


And so much more – contact us to discuss your next project.

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